Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Up all night, then UP ended!! Part 1 of 3

I have a life I do I swear! Ok, for this to make any sense at all, I need to start at the beginning. You see I was hanging out with some of my girlfriends’ late last night, and early into this morning. They were helping me plan the perfect outfit to get Luka's attention.  I think we may have found it too, but the final vote's not in yet.  Anyway, time just got away from me and I was late getting back to the dorm. Now by late I mean three hours past curfew. Now, this wouldn't ordinarily be a big deal, since I can always sneak back into my room. The guards, who aren’t the sharpest knifes in the drawers, always walk rounds hour on the hour. Just wait until five past, then use your phone-a- friend lifeline and they can unlock the door for you. Before the guards come back you are both in your rooms eating popcorn before anyone is the wiser.
A perfect plan almost came together this morning, EXCEPT, I forgot that today was the day that I was to meet my Dad for breakfast on his way to a meeting.  We were to meet at six and, as I looked down at my wrist, Mickey told me the time was five after five.  Well, it would have been perfect, excepting that I had forgotten that my parents live in the next time zone, an hour ahead of us, so when I got to the door to meet my friend, instead I came face to face with her, my Dad, and the security guard. BUSTED!! My Dad had stopped in on his way through town. We WERE supposed to have a nice Daddy/Daughter Breakfast before he went on about his trip. He says two hours extra on the road are totally worth it when the two of us get a nice laid back visit…  Well today instead of a nice relaxing visit what did I get? I got a swat and a promise. That's what I call this kind of spanking anyway.  He sat down and gave a lecture about respect. Respect for rules, when you have agreed to follow them, respect for my health in that I had not slept all night, respect for my grades for the same reason, and respect for Him. OUCH! Through that last part of that lecture I hurt inside so bad that I had never felt him pulling down my pants and panties. So I was taken off guard when the first of the paddle swats were delivered to my poor bare bottom. I did not have long to think about my loss of modesty with that blasted red plastic ping pong paddle hitting so fast! I believe he was trying for some sort of speed record because In less than five minutes he had delivered over seventy-five hard swats. OUCH!!  There are a couple of reasons why, as much as I hate getting spanked in any way, I'd rather it be drawn out over a longer time than to get it that fast. Now I don't mean I want a spanking to be stretched out over days, or weeks or anything , that would be awful! First of all when my parents sentence me to a “swat and a promise” I get essentially a double dose, or worse! Secondly, I don't necessarily know when or how the second (or third) part is coming.
I have earned this punishment and I know it, I mean, besides breaking the school’s curfew, I kept my Dad, who had driven two hours out of his way, just to have breakfast with me, waiting for over an hour! I should have kept it all straight but YOW! Did he have to swing like, that HARD or give so many? Worse still, He has promised to finish the job when he gets back. Yikes! Now, I have that to look forward to after a week of “nothing but class, meals, homework, and solitude grounding”  That is as close to NO LIGHTS, NO HOUSE, NO MOTOR CAR I ever hope to get.  Our Breakfast date was reduced to him eating eggs and bacon from the cafeteria while I stood in the corner. He left me with a roll of powdered donuttes, a quart of milk, and another hour of corner time. What's wrong with me?  So yeah, now I'm not supposed to see my friends outside of school for a while - but there are always the visits in my dorm room , and he never said anything about what I was or wasn't supposed to talk about, as long as I don’t do it over the phone, ... Oops, speaking of, the phone's ringing it right now and it could be Luka! I slipped him my number the other day. Sneaky, maybe, but he never talks to me - I had to try something.   With that being an option I, of course answered it. Well, needless to say…It wasn't Luka (sigh).
That was Mom and to tell me that she's coming over to talk because I really stressed Dad before his big trip, and oh, yeah… I also kind of broke my grounding restrictions, phone wise.  How many times have I been told not to do either of those? I guess in truth I lost track of both counts a long time ago. I didn't mean to do either one, both were accidents. So now my Mom is going to drive four and a half hours, and take the whole weekend off work, so we can have “good mommy/daughter talk”.  I wouldn't mind if it was just a friendly Mommy/Daughter visit.  But I assure you, if my Mom is coming all this way, and taking time off work to come all the way here just because I misbehaved then  the resulting spanking is going to be a DOOZY! Yea, I'd rather not think about it, but I have to.  If here was a way to get around it I would try, but there's no way. SO as tempting as that is sometimes I don't do it because it just isn't worth it because it will be just that much worse.  She's going to swing hard too, I know she is.  She'll make me cry, I know she will.  So when Mom comes I will post that part of the story, and when I finally face my Dad…. I guess you are going to hear from me a LOT! In the meantime I am going to step back into the the point where the darkness  meets the light. After all, my shadows comfort me.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Welcome to Shaddoes' Wild Ride! I am Shad and this is my spot to tell you a little about myself. I'm 21 years old and my parents' still believe that sparing the rod, will spoil this child. That isn't just an expression of speech at our house. In fact, for my butt, it is a way of life.   I thought that we  had rescued                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   my butt from that way of life. Not quite so as my Dad has asserted that, "As long as I am paying for your room, board, and tuition then YOUR dorm room or college apartment is an extension of MY roof".  Of course, I objected to that premise and started to argue my point. As I did I, perhaps I did so a little to strenuously, because a he promptly pulled down my pants and panties and introduced me to his one souvenir from his days as a well-toned college athlete. He, unfortunately for me, had kept his fiberglass Ping-Pong paddle. He was lead server ON THE BIG RED MACHINE, Yep; you guessed it... the fiber glass paddle that used in his quest for college domination was red. That made it easy to judge as to when my butt was roasted, toasted and burned to a crisp. 
 Today I'm a Mama's girl, but I haven’t always have been.  Maybe I grew so by later by default.  You see, growing up I was always right there by Dad’s side. It seemed that I was always getting into trouble for my attention problems. You see I didn't have any attention to speak of. That's not to say I have, or ever have had, ADD. I've just always had trouble paying attention to what I was supposed to be doing, or not doing, as the case may have been.  The fact is that once my Dad got married it wasn’t very long until my new Mama decided a few years ago to try something besides grounding me as when I was, I was always right there by her side, or I has gotten myself into trouble somehow.  So much was I stuck to Mom or Dad at the hip, or getting into mischief, that that they nick-named me Shad-does.  Yep that's a cross between Shadow and shad-does... either way it fits...
Sigh, I miss my preteen days...   My  parents, at that time, were your typical Doctor Spock parents. (The pediatrician, not the Vulcan science officer on the USS Enterprise-A). My parent's HATE Star Trek! I, on the other hand, LOVE Star Trek!  My favorite series/captain or character from Star Trek? I must say, If it weren't for CAPTAIN, OH MY, CAPTAIN Jean-Luc Picard then I would still be a prepubescent mess. Such a wonderfully manly man with such a commanding presence! He can command me anytime!  I had my first Big O daydreaming about him bending me over his knee while in the captain’s chair. Were he to tell me to bend over, YOUNG LADY,  I intend to spank you ‘til your bare bottom is the color of my uniform! My instantaneous  reply would be, "MAKE IT SO!!!")  By the way my ost pleasant dream has now come true. The other evening, when I went to check out a book from the library. I looked up from the book I was, umm.., ahh.., "checking out", about modern day Shakespearean actors and my eyes were treated to see the most amazing sight. There, sitting in a captain's chair, behind the circulation desk, was a Patrick Stewart look alike! The only difference I could detect between this day-dream come true, and Patrick Stewart, is that Luka, is my age-and, Luka (Did I mention his name is Luka) Well Luka has the most amazing long black hair and Patrick is bald. His name badge said Luka which was helpful just then since at the time my mouth had NO capacity for coherent speech after hearing his voice. He opened his mouth, the one on that wonderfully beautiful face, and from that perfect mouth came the most amazing British accent. 
 Something that my Parents, have kept that they learned as devotees to Dr. Spock. They listen to me. My parents always listen, but then they spank me mercilessly when I don't... listen that is.    Of course, Dad says the same thing about Momma too.... OK NOW I'VE GOT TO GO AND HIDE My realm has darkness and light, hopefully one day it will be more light than dark. In the meantime, however, my shadows’ comfort me.